Kiki chosen as one of NEWS24 100 Young Mandela's!

wow I am humbled to announce I've been chosen as News24's 100 Young Mandela's.
Thank-you so much to all who love and support me, from donating or attending an Obs Pasta kitchen to simply liking a post and helping it gain wings to change more and more peoples lives. It's by serving others we gain real joy in our lives and by living a life of service I feel really safe and happy in my diverse community with all it's challenges. Ferdinandos pizza has really been such a huge part of allowing me to be so flexible with my time and a huge thank-you has to go my partner in love and pizza - Diego! grazie Amore! all my family, friends and meditators! I love being on the path with you! Sri Sri Ravi Shankar thank you so much for bringing out my devine qualities and making me a Young Mandela, with the techniques of yoga and meditation you really can achieve your highest purpose, I recommend everyone of you reading this to check out the and attend a happiness program near you!





Obs Pasta kitchen Every Wednesday at 6pm

Soup kitchens are known the world over for offering a warm plate of food to the hungry.

Observatory has always been a little left-of-centre and so we evolved the concept to create the Obs Pasta Kitchen.

Every Wednesday at 6pm we offer a hot bowl of pasta to the many needy residents (often homeless) and passers-through in Observatory. But more than providing a meal it’s about creating connections with the people on the streets and developing a long-term strategy to help elevate their lives.

Not just a “soup kitchen”

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

A known dilemma of charity organisations is that handouts solve short-term problems but perpetuate longer term ones. To truly help the homeless and needy our goal should be to empower these people to help themselves.

So while the Obs Pasta Kitchen solves the short-term problem of hungry bellies, we have a higher purpose and long-term plan.

The Obs Pasta Kitchen is not just about handouts. This is more than a plate of food but an introduction to a long-lasting relationship.

Our volunteers will not only be handing out food but engaging with our guests. We are offering emotional support and an ear to listen with the aim of discovering how we can help these people more.

We would like to make ourselves available to change these people’s lives, to ultimately help them get off the street. It’s the opportunity for them to introduce themselves and share a load. It’s about acknowledging the co-existence of each other in this community. It’s about giving those often ignored the time of day and the dignity we all deserve.

We want to understand the issues at play, how we can help, what skills we can share, and how we can get these people off the street one phase at a time.

The Obs Pasta Kitchen offers a plate of food with a side-helping of hope for a better future.

Donations of spaghetti & tinned tomatoes can be dropped off at Ferdinandos pizza 205 Lower main road Observatory from Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm till late or at Easi-Print next door if we out. Please join us serving the pasta from 6pm every Wednesday or come help prep from 5:15pm.

Join us on our Working Wednesday where we create a day of work for the homeless who want to earn vouchers for needs such as clothing etc. We start by choosing a site in Obs to clean and spend the day weeding, cleaning and beautifying the area. Volunteers are needed to supervise and help make lunch, capture the wishes and help fund-raise for the needs of the homeless. Every Wednesday we meet at 10am and end the day at 4pm. A couple hours of your time would be greatly appreciated and any skills you have could be used towards making this day more exciting, think informative talks and spreading your joy!

Learn more about us on Facebook - Obs Pasta Kitchen or contact me Kiki for more info on 0847710485

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dia de los muertos - the return of the chef!

not sure what to do with only 1 week to go to the return of the chef to the pizzeria I decided to get busy and organise a welcome party! perfectly coinciding with the day of the dead we celebrated the chefs return with deathly pizza, dancing and of course colour!

Dark lights lit up the night! Dj Fred kicked amazing Latino beats and the Ferdinandos team rocked their colourful faces done by facepainter Minky.

We celebrated the dearly departed and welcomed guests to bring along pics of their loved ones for the shrine. At 7pm I went into a "deep sleep" waiting for the chefs arrival - "only loves true tear can wake" it was full of suspense, almost an hour waiting for the chef to arrive from the airport had my heart pounding in my chest as I heard the wailing of the guests, a sign the chef had arrived! It was a special moment!


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