not sure what to do with only 1 week to go to the return of the chef to the pizzeria I decided to get busy and organise a welcome party! perfectly coinciding with the day of the dead we celebrated the chefs return with deathly pizza, dancing and of course colour!

Dark lights lit up the night! Dj Fred kicked amazing Latino beats and the Ferdinandos team rocked their colourful faces done by facepainter Minky.

We celebrated the dearly departed and welcomed guests to bring along pics of their loved ones for the shrine. At 7pm I went into a "deep sleep" waiting for the chefs arrival - "only loves true tear can wake" it was full of suspense, almost an hour waiting for the chef to arrive from the airport had my heart pounding in my chest as I heard the wailing of the guests, a sign the chef had arrived! It was a special moment!


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